11 May, 2015

The Drawer Boy Award winner at EODL Festival 2015

P.E.C.T.’ s “The Drawer Boy” production team wins 4 awards and garners a record number of nominations for the theatre group at this years EODL Festival.

This is the fourth year that the theatre group has competed in the festival and they are very proud of their accomplishments and the recognition that the show has received from both patrons and the theatre community. “We’ve worked so hard on this production, and many months of preparation went into putting the pieces in place before rehearsals even started. As a first time director I wanted to make sure that we had a cohesive and strong vision for the production and the team that was put in place pulled it off beautifully” says director Georgia Papanicolaou. That vision consisted of having an original soundtrack composed for the show, a custom built set to fit into the challenging and intimate space of Mt.Tabor Playhouse, a lighting design that would capture both the reality and mythical qualities of the story and a cast that would be willing to reach into their souls and challenge themselves above any role they may have taken before. All of this effort payed off hugely for the team at the Festival.

Awards won at the 2015 EODL Festival:

Best Director – Georgia Papanicolaou

Best Actor – Pat Larkin

Best Student Contribution Acting – Connor Larkin

Best Set Design – Heather Marr and Georgia Papanicolaou

The group was also nominated for Best Technical Achievement, Best Canadian Play and Best Overall Production.


Pat Larkin (Best Actor), Heather Marr (Best Set Design), Georgia Papanicolaou (Best Director) and Connor Larkin (Best Student Contribution Acting) with their Awards from the EODL Festival 2015.


The Drawer Boy Production Team – cast and crew. Colleen Johnson, Bill McMahon, Pat Larkin, Georgia Papanicolaou, Phil Dowling, Jen Sills, Susan Mitchell, Connor Larkin and Cheryl Singer.


“It was such an amazing journey working with everyone and particularly with the actors who were willing to challenge themselves and take the risks necessary to bring the playwrights words and the world we created to life. We knew we hit the nail on the head, when the festival adjudicator said that she and the audience were immediately transported to Morgan and Angus’s farm and that she was emotionally pulled by what was happening on stage. She had seen the show numerous times before, but was struck by what we had done as a small theatre company. We had given her something fresh to see in our production. That meant so much to me as a director and as a theatre practitioner, as I’m always looking to reimagine and envision things in a new light, while staying true to the playwrights intentions. It’s a delicate balance and keeps you always looking for creative and imaginative ways of bringing things to life on stage.”

The group is currently on a well deserved break before they start work on their Season 8 productions and are looking forward to their next EODL Festival production “Time Stands Still” by Donald Margulies, which will be showing in February of 2016.

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