Season 9 Lineup - 2016/2017

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In John Murrell’s Waiting for the Parade, now a classic repertoire piece in Canada and abroad, the events of the Second World War are dramatized through the eyes of five very different women who gather to work for the war effort at home while the men they love are away. Their tensions, secrets, hopes and dreams reveal the women’s inner-strength and heroism in one of the country’s most enduring and best-loved plays about these women who “kept the home fires burning.” Waiting for the Parade is ultimately dramatic, moving and funny, and features live music and songs made popular during the war years.


Show Dates: Nov. 19, 25 & 26 at 8pm  and Nov. 20 & 27 at 2pm

Venue: Mt. Tabor Playhouse, 2179 County Rd. 17 Milford Ontario

season9proofCatherine has inherited her late father’s mathematical brilliance, but she is haunted by the fear that she might also share his debilitating mental illness. Caught between a new-found connection with Hal, one of her father’s former students, and the reappearance of her sister, Claire, Catherine finds both her world and her mind growing increasingly unstable. Then Hal discovers a groundbreaking proof among the 103 notebooks Catherine’s father left behind, and Catherine is forced to further question how much of her father’s genius or madness will she inherit. Proof is a passionate, intelligent story about fathers and daughters, the nature of genius, and the power of love.


Show Dates: Feb. 18, 24 & 25 at 8pm  and Feb. 19 & 26 at 2pm

Venue: Mt. Tabor Playhouse, 2179 County Rd. 17 Milford Ontario

Chekhov is alive and well in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where adult siblings Vanya and Sonia reside in their old family home, mourning their lost dreams and missed opportunities. When their often-wrong, fortune-telling maid warns of impending dangers, and their movie star sister, Masha, arrives unexpectedly with young, sexy, boy toy, Spike, the family is launched into a rollicking weekend of one-upmanship, exposed nerves, and a lot of broken mugs. With wit and absurdity, this play blends Chekhov’s famous ennui with the modern-day toils and troubles of celebrity, social networking, and age into a laugh-out-loud comedy that will tickle your funny bone and stimulate your mind.


Show Dates: Apr. 29 & May 5 & 6 at 8pm  and Apr. 30 & May 7 at 2pm

Venue: Mt. Tabor Playhouse, 2179 County Rd. 17 Milford Ontario