Season 10 Audition Notice – ‘Veronica’s Room’

Tuesday, July 18th  and Thursday July 20th at 7:00 pm
Wellington Town Hall, 246 Main Street, Wellington, ON.

Auditions will consist of cold readings, audition sides from the scripts will be provided. All are welcome!

        “VERONICA’S ROOM” a Thriller in Two Acts by Ira Levin – (2 females, 2 males)

Director:  Bill McMahon

Contact: / 613 242 4759

From the playwright of “Rosemary’s Baby” and “Deathtrap” Ira Levin’s chilling, mystery thriller “Veronica’s Room” explores the thin line between fantasy and reality, madness and murder and the lengths one is willing to go to find absolution. Students Susan and Larry find themselves enticed to the old Brabissant mansion by its charming elderly Irish caretakers the Mackeys in order to meet Cissie, the sole surviving member of the mansion’s family. They insist that Susan bears a striking resemblance to Cissie’s long-dead sister, Veronica. If Susan will agree to briefly impersonate Veronica, they believe it will comfort the dementia-afflicted Cissie and allow her to die in peace. Veronica’s room has been untouched by time and has been left exactly as it was in 1935. The mystery deepens as twist after twist unravels the frail threads of reality.  What begins as a simple errand of mercy quickly spirals into a nightmare cycle of guilt, sacrifice, and murder, as once dressed in Veronica’s clothes, Susan finds herself locked in the role and locked in Veronica’s room. Is it 1973 or 1935? Will Susan ever leave Veronica’s room?

Rehearsals will begin on August 8th.   Production will open on October 21st and run October 22nd October 27th 28th 29th.  Performances will take place at the Mt. Tabor Playhouse, Milford, ON.


The Woman:       Late 40’s to mid 60’s. Must be able to do/learn both an Irish brogue and a Massachusetts accent.

The Man:             Late 40’s to mid 60s. Slightly younger looking than woman. Must be able to do/learn both Irish brogue and Massachusetts accent.

The Girl:              Early 20s, engaging, bright smile, intelligent, long hair a plus, the role calls for the actor being in their underwear for a period of time on stage, actors who                                 are auditioning need to be aware of that.

The Young Man:       Mid-late 20s, stocky, lawyer type, closed off, defensive, has difficulty with intimacy, short hair a plus. Must be able to carry a person off stage.